Electronic Dementia Guide for Excellence – Summary and Thoughts


The purpose of the EDGE ( Electronic Dementia Guide for Excellence) document is to serve as an electronic guide on how to care for Dementia patients in nursing homes. Its goal is to have long-term practical use, be user-friendly, improve quality of life for Dementia patients, make best practices accessible without being intimidating, and be based on state of the art research and practices. This guide was developed to address all the needs of the Dementia patients including their health, physical, and emotional needs. It was taken through a rigorous development, testing and piloting phase, and they continuously gathered feedback from the practitioners that cared for Dementia patients. Even though this guide was conceived when the internet was not so popular in hospitals,  they knew that the internet was getting very popular and they wanted to deploy the information through a channel where everyone could access it, and the information would be updated as new information became available.

The implementation of this guide was very successful. Practitioners started to feel better about going to work and caring for their patients and patients with Dementia felt and were treated like regular human beings.

The guide went online in 1998 can be accessed by anyone at www.dementiasolutions.com


I tried to go to the link above, and was redirected to a “NorthEast Health Employee Login Portal”.. Perhaps, the link has been changed, or is no longer active?

This guide is a great example of patient centered research and care. They put the patients first and achieved great results. They had the foresight of deploying the information over the internet by anticipating that the internet was going to be the information portal of the future and it was a very smart strategy. I think it’s a great example of how care guides for other health conditions should be researched and deployed. Just like in HCI (putting users at the center of design), putting patients needs at the center of their care always produces quality products.


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