“So That’s What You See!” Building Understanding with Personalized Simulations of Color Vision Deficiency (2012) – Summary and Thoughts


—The aim this research study is to put friends/relatives in the shoes of people with Color Vision Deficiencies (CVD). They developed a CVD-simulation that provides personalized, more accurate view of how CVD individuals see color.
Prior CVD Simulations
– Mostly simulate an extreme case of CVD
     ÷ 75% of cases are not that extreme
– Require to know the specific type of CVD
     ÷ People generally do not know what type they have
– Simulate one type of CVD at a time
     ÷ There are cases (especially in older adults) where people have more than one condition
Using empirical simulations, they
     ÷ Measured color perception of CVD Individuals
     ÷ Measured color perception of non-CVD individuals
     ÷ Showed the non-CVD the image as the CVD individual would see it.
– 5 Pairs of participants
– Each participant performed vision test (CVD and non-CVD)
– Show the non-CVD Individual image as it looks to CVD individual
– Qualitative discussion of results
– Much more accurate results than other simulation tools
– To the non-CDV individuals, food looked unappetizing – neither rotten nor unripe, Christmas trees looked unwatered and dying, different crayons looked muted
– Much better understanding and insights on the CVD individuals struggles
I thought this paper was really interesting. First I didn’t know much about people will color blindness so it was a great learning experience for me. I wondered why they didn’t try to develop a tool to help people with CVD see colors normally, BUT I agree that there a lot of value in this type of research, especially as it relates to the design of items that we interact with daily.

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